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Thursday, 25 September 2014

What An Interior Designer Will Do To Help You?

Irrespective of the nature of your design project, you need to hire the best interior designers in Mumbai to transform your ultimate dream into reality. The best part is that these professionals are qualified to guide you right from the selection of wall colors to the choosing of floors. So here I plan to throw light on the step wise planning that usually interior designers follow to help their clients.

ü  The first step of the most professionals is to measure the entire space and mark it out in the form of a plan. Then they plan the ideal placement of you furniture by cutting out spaces. This also helps in figuring out the way in which people will be circulating in the rooms.
ü  Their next step is to determine the most appropriate spots to allow the natural lighting in your room. Thus they are able to mark doors and windows. They also determine the area where artificial light is required. 
ü  Then the interior decorators work upon things like floor coverings and decorative objects. You can go for marble flooring or the professional can help you to choose from the wide variety of flooring tiles available in the market.   They help you in making selections on the basis of the theme of your room decor. They usually have plenty of ideas to meet all sorts of expectations and tastes.
ü  Next they decide upon the colors that should be used in the rooms and other spaces. They usually present you with two to three options to choose from. If you are not interested in painting the walls, then you can also go for wallpaper. The walls can also be left in white or neutral gray to highlight the other colored objects present in the room.  
ü  On the basis of your color selection, they then show you the patchwork of different materials which can be used for creating different elements of interior decor. They also focus on things like curtains and furniture that must be in accord with the color selection. 

ü  In a nutshell, they help you to create your own style by guiding you at every step.